2013 Domaine de Chantemerle, Francis Boudin

2013 was a late harvest, but with low alcohol (about 12.5°). In spite of low alcohol, grapes were ripe and yellow. This is the reason for a slightly yellow color and ripe aromas.

These ripe aromas were amplified by a warm harvest (grapes were warm when picked= 24°C /76°F) But acidities were good on average 3.94gr/L. Makes for aromatically very ripe wines but very balanced in the mouth. Even the aromas resemble some of the warm vintages but the high acidity will reduce the warm vintage feel and keep the wine fresh for a long time.

Yields were good unlike much of the Côte de Beaune.

Chablis 2013

Nose: Yellow flowers. Very fresh butter, citronella very expressive and explosively aromatic.

Mouth: Fresh butter lemon rind. Grated metal shavings black pepper and minerals . Citric and mineral driven in the end of mouth

Chablis 1Er Cru Forchaume 2013

Nose: Also very explosive citronella ginger. Chablis mousseron mushroom

Mouth: a rounder wine. Sneaky complex and less obvious than the chablis.
More of a food wine.

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  1. Can’t wait to see the yellow color and smell the fresh butter and citronella of the Chablis 2013 nose.

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