Promises of excellent quality in Beaujolais 2014 (and Nouveau first on the horizon!)

-Since August 20th to date (September 25) only 10 mm of rain has fallen, therefore creating healthy grapes.

– Sunshine almost every day produced ripe grapes, good sugar levels and ripe, dark skins round tannins as well as smooth textures

– Nights were very cold compared to daytime temperatures which will give a very fruity vintage, less cassis driven and more raspberry and strawberry aromas.  After malolactics, aromas might and should get riper.

– Malolactics are easy to start which requires less filtration then in 2013, were also slow = a rounded vintage versus 2013

– Conclusion:  This will most likely be a very good Beaujolais Nouveau vintage–Very fruity and very delicious. No other region in France had better weather from August 20 – September 25.

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