Singapore Noodles

Singapore Chinatown noodles
Singapore Chinatown noodles

Just throw it all in there. Thin noodles. Bits of pork. A little bit of shrimp. Some egg. A few greens. And a little bit of spice, but nothing aggressive, just aromatic.

This is snack in Chinatown after finally arriving in Singapore. A journey that should have taken about 15 hours ended up taking 45 hours after we experienced just about every delay possible.

So feeling dizzy from virtually no sleep – even though the A300-80 is so silent, I still don’t manage to sleep on the plane- I need some food. And in my state, I can’t seem to find our favorite place in Chinatown where I’ve been before, so I’m seduced by these noodles in a dirty laminated plastic photo and sit down. So simple -something that looks almost like Sunday night left overs -yet so delicious. The travel delays were worth it, I love the food in Singapore.

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