Laksa for breakfast

Empty street of Chinatown in Singapore
Empty street of Chinatown in Singapore

Our flight out of Singapore is early on Sunday and Chinatown is virtually empty when we wander through looking for some breakfast. We stand at a cross roads thinking about our options: eat at that corner place that looked average? go back to the hotel? …. And then The Duc says: “Listen” and points to the first floor of a building in front of us. There are sounds of human activity, cutlery hitting plates. “That sounds promising”. We find the stairs and wander up. It’s one of the hawker’s centers in Chinatown.

Singapore Chinatown upstairs market stalls
Singapore Chinatown upstairs market

(A Hawker center is sort of like a ‘food court’, a large area with lots of different food stalls all around and in the center are communal tables. You are free to buy what you want, from different merchants and sit wherever you want to. The ones I visited in Singapore are extremely well organized and fairly clean.)

We do a lap in the place, checking out all of the options and settle for Laksa from a stall that has a long line (good sign). I’ve never had Laksa before. Its got noodles, in a spicy red coconut milk sauce with some fried wantons. I’m sort of nervous and hope it is not going to be too hot-spicy.

Laksa spicy breakfast soup
Laksa spicy breakfast soup

The first bite is electric from the chilies and the fish but the coconut milk comes in and softens things up. The noodles and the wantons also act as a buffer for the spice and the whole thing is simply splendid! All of the tastes and textures marrying so well together. I’d definitely have it again-any day.

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