A revelation: Foie gras with raspberries and red bell pepper jelly

Foie gras with raspberries and red bell pepper
Foie gras with raspberries and red bell pepper

How do you make foie gras go with Beaujolais Villages?

Start by giving the chef a glass or two. Just so that he can get the creative juices flowing…

The young chef at Auberge de Chantemerle came up with an incredibly creative and unique idea that worked beautifully: Foie gras with a jelly of red bell peppers and raspberries with hazelnut crumbs.

Why does this dish work? First of all, the red peppers and raspberries go splendidly together as a pair. The combination brings out the red fruit qualities of red pepper making it very complex. The red pepper brings out a spiciness to the raspberry that makes it somewhat electric. Together they have a peppery-ness that jazzes up the foie gras rendering it very digestible and fresh (from the red fruits flavors).

It is not just any Beaujolais that can go with such an exquisite dish. Domaine de La Madone 2006 Beaujolais Villages Cuvée Fut de Chene was up to the task at hand. Made from a selection of La Madone’s finest terroir and barrel aged, this wine oozes Burgundian (read pinot noir) aromas. Gamay does that when it is really well made. (The expression used to describe this is “Le vin pinottes”, which is like saying “the wine is acting like a pinot”). This saturation of Burgundian aromas, mainly expressed by small red and blue berries, make the wine go with the red pepper and raspberries. The well-integrated toastiness in the aromas and flavours, from the 20% new wood, go with the pepperiness of the dish.

The meal we at at the Auberge de Clochermerle (located in a hamlet outside of the village of Le Perreon) on Sunday August 30, 2009 was excellent over all: definitely an address to recommend. A great place for a Sunday lunch in Beaujolais.

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