spoon of the moment: tuna and raw beet

tuna and raw beet with 2003 Magnien

tuna and raw beet with 2003 Magnien

Inspired while doing the Saturday morning marketing.

Tuna belly: the kobe beef of the sea. Fatty. Tender. Complex. Meaty. With the bitter tendency of red meat.

Looking at fresh produce at the Organic Market Boulevard des Batignoles (Paris XVII), I saw a bunch of raw beets which inspired me.  Surprising aromas of dried earth and flavors of red fruits. And iron, like something bloody. Almost tannic. Some of the same aromatic profile  as some red wines. The kind of wine that would go well with tuna.

So I grated the beets and lightly tossed them in (about a teaspoon) of lime juice and twice as much olive oil with salt, white pepper and nutmeg.

I flip-flopped the Tuna belly. In SPL lingo that means sear the tuna very briefly on one side, flip it over and do the same thing to the other side and pull it out. We want the tuna to remain moist and almost rare. Salt and pepper on fish for cooking, nutmeg after the cooking.

The beet could actually replace wine with the elements that it brings. In fact, beet root is a flavor and aroma that can be found in some  fine young wines.

But we wanted wine…

Frederic Magnien 2003 Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Les Baudes. We chilled it down a little so that it would express its fruit more. Red and blue berries of all kinds. Some fresh, some as jam. Concentrated. Pepper. And some meatiness. It sang in perfect harmony with the beets, hitting on some of the same flavors and aromatics, and spiciness of the wine (2003 is a hot vintage that made for spices in red burgundies that resemble the spiciness of red Rhône wines) married well with the complex Balinese white pepper and nutmeg.  

spoon of the moment: tuna and raw beet
spoon of the moment: tuna and raw beet

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