Sqala: the ultimate Moroccan breakfast

the terrace, you know what I mean? the terrace, you know what I mean?

Last day in Casa. I wanted to try the breakfast at Sqala. Close to our hotel, on the edge of the medina. Soak up some last rays of early morning Moroccan sun before heading to the airport.

I couldn’t believe how few tables were occupied at Sqala when we showed up at 9. There must have been only about 3 other tables of people who looked like businessmen having power breakfasts. Not something I think of as typically Moroccan.

Did I mention the terrace at Sqala? Simply a little piece of paradise. Sandwiched right there between the medina and the port. Sun light dancing on the leaves and in between them before falling on the tables and our faces. The sounds of water in the fountain. This place is a delight for all of the senses.

fresh mint, peppermint and other mint for tea
fresh mint, peppermint and other mint for tea

I asked the waiter to explain what some of the choices were. A lot of the words and names of dishes were things I had never heard of. I was trying to make sense of it all…

“Or you can have the breakfast assortment.” My eyes widened as he told me all the things that were included in the breakfast assortment.

“All of that?”

“Oui, c’est costaud.” (Yes, it’s massive.)

He was right. We got one for two and that ended up being more than enough.

The first thing to arrive was the cocktail “Ambassadeur”: a blend of milk, dates, almonds, and orange flower. Delicately aromatic. Not too sweet, but the sweetness of the dates served as a vehicle for the other aromas. The almonds kicked-in in the mid mouth and the length on the palate came from the orange flower.

the spread
the spread

Don’t ask me to name the individual Moroccan pancakes. Even tough I asked the waiter to repeat the names…it was too much for me to take in. There was one that was like a doughnut. One that tasted like it was made with cornflower. One that tasted like an American pancake. And one that tasted more like a French crepe. They were all fantastic. What struck me was that none of them were sweet. I liked that. The little assortment of condiments was provided to dress up the pancakes however I liked. Butter. Olive oil. Argan oil. Honey. Fig jam. Peanut butter. So I played with combinations. 

Mixed Moraccan crepes and doughnuts
Mixed Moroccan crepes and doughnuts

The egg tajine was like scrambled eggs with some sort of dried, cured meet. It tasted a little like bacon, although all things considered, I doubt it was pork. Maybe beef or lamb.r It also had a delicate dusting of spices. 

scrambled eggs tajine
don't forget the scrambled eggs tajine

We had tea too. Fresh mint and peppermint in those beautiful traditional teapots.  We requested to have it not too sweet. And then made sure not to let it infuse too long. Over infusing tea brings out bitterness to the detriment of aromatics.

An excellent breakfast. A sensual note on which to leave Casa. And hope to return before too long. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Julia says:

    this place looks great! what a fantastic tip – thank you! i want to go back to Casablanca just for breakfast now! (and those gorgeous blue booths, of course.)

  2. saltpepperlime says:

    Yes. The terrace really was quite something! Definately worth the detour for breakfast. spl

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