Petit Taxis in Casa: getting there

For short distances in Casablanca, there are the Petit Taxis. Little red cars, beat up like old tin cans. The drivers are useless. Its crazy. Half of the time you get in, the driver has no idea where it is that you want to go.

Petit Taxi Casablanca
Petit Taxi Casablanca

So I had a plan : Al Mounia is near the Palais de Justice- a huge building in the very center of Casa. I’d tell the taxi driver to take us there and then we’d walk. It would be faster that way.

“We want to go to the Palais de Justice.”

“The what?”

“The Palais de Justice.”

“Rue Justice? I don’t know it.”

“No, the Palais de Justice. Right in the middle. Here.” I point at the map.

The guy just looks bewildered. “I don’t know where it is.”

So we climb out. Getting in and out of these little tomato cans is a contortionist act.

We find another Petit Taxi and get in. The guy knows where the Palais de Justice is. Progress.

As we get to the Palais de Justice, (huge and lit up and with throngs of people around it-how could miss it?) he asks us where, exactly.

“Well it’s a small street…” I try and read my map in the half light. “Rue Prince Moulay Abdellah”.

“Is it a restaurant?”


“I know that restaurant. Why didn’t you tell me that you wanted to go there? We’ve gone past it now.”…

Grand Taxi (white) and Petit Taxi (red) with luggage on top
Grand Taxi (white) and Petit Taxi (red) with luggage on top

Also: Don’t try getting into one of these with luggage. Throw it on top.


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