Verget Chassagne Montrachet Pimont 2004

The best white Burgundies of 2004 come from Cote d’Or.

Why? Because Cote d’Or had, on average, lower acids and higher alcohols than Chablis or the Maconnais for climactic reasons. Verget harvested very late in Chablis which is why their 2004 Chablis are some of the best Chablis ever produced.

Pimont is a village lieu dit in Chassagne.

The nose is very pure and mineral with honeyed brook water. Ripe noble herbs that are signatures of Puligny especially and some of the best Chassagnes.

The mouth is ripe with honeyed lemon butter. The dry, mineral length of the wine is 11-12 seconds long. The structure is typical of a Chassagne-almost red wine like.

This energy and pepperiness goes well with truffles even though it has not developed a lot of the rancid butter, nutty notes that will hopefully come with age.

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