What was in the glass to go with these truffles?

1996 Comptes Lafon Meusault Désirée   

1996 Comptes Lafon Meusault Désirée

We needed something that was complex and rich enough to be able to marry well with the truffles. 1996 Comptes Lafon Meusault Désirée

More nutty, more evolved than the Clos de la Barre we had several months ago, It went wonderfully with the truffles because the acidity of the 2006 vintage (which still came through with a lot of lemon butter) was balanced with these richer aroma and flavor elements-rancid butter, toast, and nuts. 

Depending on what they are served with, truffles can be a swing element in a dish. The more neutral the base of the dish (like white meats, bread, pasta), the more the nutty complexity of truffles sings when served with a rich white wine that itself acts as a vehicle for enhancing the truffle aroma. Almost as much as bread, butter or olive oil.

We tried a red too, a little later, with some other dishes…

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  1. julia says:

    how fascinating… thanks for sharing all your acquired knowledge. i would not have thought to pair meursault with truffles. will think of this next time they both pass through my kitchen.

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