Left-overs call for Margaux

Pavillon Rouge 2004 Chateau Margaux 


Pavillon Rouge 2004 Château Margaux

An evening of left-overs.

Therefore no photos because I didn’t know it was going to be so good.

What it was:

Poached salmon with fatty coppa (Italian ham) on top.

Salmon and pork go really well together or reasons of texture, inherent fattiness and a certain sweetness. Because of the fattiness, I think a red goes best, especially if you put a little white pepper on the salmon the way I like to.

On the side, I sautéed green beans, chanterelle mushrooms and bulots with a bit of speck (northern Italian, slightly smoked ham).

Because of their bitternesses, the green beans and speck are the dominant flavours of this dish. It therefore calls for a red.

What was even more exciting than my left-over-dish was the 2004 Pavillon Rouge Château Margaux that I had with it. Bought on close out a while ago.

There is a forest floor gaminess that makes it like a Pauillac where gaminess emanates from Cabernet Sauvignon, but here the gaminess emanates from merlot.

Thank God all great Bordeaux chateaux don’t make wines that are disgustingly politically correct.

The gaminess and creaminess of tannins of this 2nd wine of Château Margaux borders on being politically incorrect but it adds complexity and excitement. Ripe cherry. Black olives, sweet tobacco, white pepper. In spite of not being a hot vintage in Bordeaux this wine has some of the best qualities of a perfect ripe vintage.  Cherry is the dominant aroma, along with the game (like pigeon or duck).

The 14 second length of this wine is silky smooth and driven by cherries and pepper.

This is a true pleasure wine. And also very gastronomical (food-friendly)because of the white pepper and incense notes.

This Bordeaux has marked me profoundly because of its complexity and sensuality. (My all time bench mark being 1985 Haut Marbuzet) 

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