Pierluigi, la dolce vita in Piazza de’ Ricci

Moscardini Fritti

Moscardini Fritti

Stumbled upon this place recently and it has become my terrace of choice when I manage to get myself to Rome. The only thing I can’t figure is out why I never noticed this little restaurant before, when I actually lived in Rome.  Its sort of tucked away on the quiet Piazza de’Ricci, a stones throw from Piazza Farnese.  Pierluigi is the perfect place for an Italian meal with a large terrace and a spectacular selection of fresh fish. 




I like to listen to Giorgio, the waiter. He knows what’s good. (And he’s proficient in several languages). Last time I was there he recommended a selection of 3 antipasti that were fish based, delicious and digestible. Especially the Moscardini fritti. Tiny squid flash fried. Fabulous. I think I could live off these.

Look at these things!
Look at these things!

Then we had two different primi piatti (pasta course). The pasta comes out in the pan. Home-style. 

Pugliese pasta with calemari and tomato
Pugliese pasta with calemari and tomato

 Pugliese pasta with calamari and tomato. Good but you couldn’t taste the calamari as much as I would have liked.  

Pugliese pasta close up
Pugliese pasta with tomato and calemari

The maltagliati ceci e vongole(literally, ‘badly cut’) pasta squares with  chick peas and clams were better. The starch of the chick peas gives a creamy texture to the sauce which I really liked.  

Maltagliati ceci e vongole

We were going to have secondi (main course), but we were full and I had a train to catch.

The late crowd is predominantly Italian and you get the feeling that it is a neighborhood place and everyone knows each other. It is very easy to drag out lunch there especially when Giorgio brings Vin Santo and ciambelle to coax you to stay a little longer.

As they say, when in Rome….


Oh and for the wine list. It’s pretty good. Nothing extraordinary apart from are a few prestigious bottles that are expensive. We had a Franciacorta Brut Zero from Satèn. Not the greatest producer and not the ideal choice for all the bitternesses in the food, but I like sipping bubbles on terraces in Rome and enjoyed it tremendously.

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  1. Rita says:

    Thank you for the excellent recommendations. We just returned from Rome and your suggestions were amazing. Being able to go to authentic Roman places made the trip perfect!

  2. saltpepperlime says:

    I’m so glad you had a good trip to Rome! I just love that city!

  3. Julia says:

    Just saw a “36 hours in Rome” article in the New York Times (http://travel.nytimes.com/2010/10/10/travel/10hours.html) – and they’ve got nothing on you SPL! so glad I came here for places to visit and indulge. Thanks again!

    1. saltpepperlime says:


  4. T.S. says:

    Hi SPL, I have a question. Can I send you an email?

    – T.S.

    1. saltpepperlime says:

      yes, please use saltpepperlime@yahoo.fr

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