Best coffee in Rome (secondo me)

I think there is something special about that water in Rome that makes coffee different there.

And there must something very special about the coffee at St Eustachio. Is it the way it is roasted on premise (rare) or the turn of the hand of the barista?  I admit the competition is steep, as there are many places where I like to have coffee when in Rome, but THIS is my favorite place.

If you are like me and like your coffee unsweetened, you must ask for it amaro when you order it at St Eustachio or they will automatically add sugar.

Cappuccino. Wow! I love the way the coffee and the milk at the perfect temperature create a temperature and a texture that is unique when done properly. Cappuccino should not be served scalding hot. It is cool enough to be able to drink it right away. Even though the milk appears to be just on the top, as you drink it you realize that the coffee and the milk are perfectly blended.

I know non si fa to have it outside on the street, but I was only in Rome for a day this last time and I wanted to indulge outside.

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  1. julia says:

    what a great post! just out of curiosity, do you drink a coffee at the end of a meal (at lunch let’s say)? or do you walk away with the immediate memories of the wine?

  2. saltpepperlime says:

    Being super-sensitive to caffeine, I personally avoid drinking coffee any time after noon. However, in a previous (Roman) life, I loved ending a meal with coffee; I felt that it was perfect punctuation to time spent at table.
    That being said, I do find that coffee interferes with my tasting wine –or much of anything, except perhaps chocolate- because it is so intrinsically bitter (and actually almost tannic). That is, of course, a personal choice. I know many tasters who do not feel that way.

  3. julia says:

    fascinating… thanks saltpepperlime!

  4. Rita says:

    We were in Rome for 5 days and every afternoon we made sure to stop at St Eustachio for a coffee (and I don’t normally even drink coffee). What a great place! Thank you for the awesome advice – I remembered to ask for “amaro”.

  5. saltpepperlime says:

    I, too, only drink coffee in Rome!

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