Last rays of summer sun at Sonia and Carlos

Sun rays on the chalk boardSunrays on the chalk board

One of my favorite terraces in Paris for catching sunrays on a lazy Sunday:  L’Entracte de Sonia et Carlos. This time of year, the sun hits around 2PM. And you’d better already be sitting there on the terrace because the 20 or so seats inside fill up fast and there are only 2 tables on the terrace (for a maximum of 8 people if you really squeeze in).

Charming old fashioned table settings
Charming old fashioned table settings


I like this place for its simple, homey food and atmosphere. 

Although Giles Chiraiaux (owner and chef) has a printed menu, the black board has the daily suggestions and is the way to go.

Starters are very traditional, with home made head cheese, rillettes, cruditées etc…


I got the MCB which is Mache, celerie et Betrave (Mache salad with celery root and beets). I wanted to start with something relatively light because I knew I was going to indulge in the lamb afterwards….  

Rack of lamb
Rack of lamb

Rack of lamb cooked to perfection. (The only thing to be ware of is that he runs out of it before he runs out of anything else.)

They even give you the bones to suck on
They even give you the bones to suck on

Served with home fries! 

Des frites maison!
Des frites maison!

Daily suggestion: pan fried mackerel with baked endives (the bitterness of these two foods go to gether magnificantly!)

Pan fried Mackrel
Pan fried Mackerel
Baked endives
Baked endives

You used to be able to find half decent wine on the list too, like Chateau Haut Marbuzet. I was disappointed that the wine list has now ratcheted downwards…although I think it is a sign of the times with people feeling the pinch and wanting to spend less money.

We had a half bottle of 2007 St Veran from Roger Luquet which was surprisingly round for a 2007. And with the lamb and mackerel, we had a 2002 Pommerol from the chateau Chêne Liège which tasted more evolved -dried out and gamy- than what I’d expect from a 2002.  I haven’t tasted many Pommerols in my life, and although this one did not have any flagrant defects, it really didn’t have many qualities either.  That being said, the dried out aspect of the wine went well with all that pepper on top of the lamb and gaminess goes well with lamb.

FIN (sans faim...)
FIN (sans faim...)

Recommended: drag out lunch to catch as much of these last rays of summer sun.  Then walk a few doors down the street (rue d’Orsel) to l’Anvers du Decors– a café that plays gypsy jazz (Django style) on sunday afternoons.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike says:


    Great review. Wonderful,vivid pictures and descriptions of the wine. Surely felt like I have already experienced the place through your writing….. We need a place like this in nyc.

  2. Silke says:

    Already a year ago that we indulged in a similar lunch at this place! Thanks for bringing back lovely memories with this review.

  3. saltpepperlime says:

    Glad you liked the feel of the place, Mike! It’s definately one of my favorite lazy sunday places.

    Yes, Silke, it was a year ago. I thought about that while I was writing this !

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