Margaux Marquis de Terme 2004 Les Gondats (4eme Grand Cru Classée)

Les Gondats de Marquis de Terme 2004

Even though the 2004 vintage in Bordeaux was not well reviewed, I have always enjoyed it. A ‘normal vintage’ in between two drought vintages (2003 and 2005-although no one talks about it) most of the 2004s I have tasted have shown a lot of freshness, precision and harmony with very decent concentration. And because it was not well received by journalists and collectors, the prices remained (relatively) reasonable.

That being said, the influential wine journalist at the French weekly Le Point, Jacques Dupont, interviewed on the radio the other day, said that that at the level of the 10 most famous Chateaux, where, due to lack of stocks of the reputed vintages, the prices of  the 2004 have risen 120% in the last 12 months.

The nose is very floral and had a fabulous pepperiness (white and black pepper). The fuits are also very fresh, purple plums, blueberries and black berries. It is very aromatic and sensual for a Bordeaux.

This is a chateau that is reputed to have rustic tannins, even my wine merchant warned me of this when I was buying the wine, but I found the tannins very supple. The fruits were precise cherries with a little bit of spice. 


Sunday night steak (a little more well done than we usually like...oops)   

Sunday night steak (a little more well done than we usually like…oops)

I like Bordeaux with steak because I find that Bordeaux tannins go well with the fattiness of good meat, stand up to the blood (bitter) of rare and marry with the (bitter, again) searing of steak. 

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