Recipes for Port:Sautéed chicken gizzards with baby spring potatoes and boiled beets

Gésiers with potato and beet           

Gésiers with potato and beet

Use either confit gizzards or  gizzards that have been cooked for a long time. The gizzards must be really soft and really cooked so that their sweetness comes out.

The spices we used were: Cinnamon, cumin, ginger powder, curcuma, mild curry, salt and pepper.

The key to the recipe is that all 3 ingredients are cooked before they hit the frying pan. The idea is to heat them up in olive oil and blend them together with the spice mixture that stands up to port without the addition of any sugar. The beets, and the very cooked gizzards bring sweetness to the dish. The beets give fruitiness and an earthiness that goes well with the port.

The 2 most important spices that make the link between the food and the port is the mild but complex curry and the spicy, pungent, fresh ground pepper in ample quantity which gives topographical relief to the food to stand up to the very spicy mouth of the Port. 

Why these Port recipes ?

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