Recipes for Port: Boudin Noir with apples and beetroot sautéed with cinnamon and curcuma

Black pudding, beets and apples 


Boudin Noir, beets and apples


Boudin Noir (also known as black pudding or blood sausage) is very easy to find in any butcher shop in France.

We tried it on its own with the port and the combination was already close to perfect. The butchers often automatically put a lot of cinnamon in boudin. In France it is traditional to serve boudin with apples. We decided to add beetroot to give more natural sweetness, complexity and red fruit aromas.

We cooked the boudin in nearly boiling water for a few minutes (until it looked like it was going to burst out of the casing) so that we would use less oil to cook it in the pan.

Then we sautéed diced apples and beetroot with cinnamon, curcuma, salt and pepper.

A very delicious combination! 

Why these Port recipes ?

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