Restaurant Le Diapason moves to its summer quarters on the roof top Terrace


Arguably the best restaurant in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, a stones throw away from the bustling rue des Abbesses, the excellent Diapason restaurant moves into its summer quarters on its unique roof top restaurant.

Up and coming young chefs who have trained in some of France’s top restaurants have created a fresh and exciting summer menu perfectly executed.

Because of the altitude (because of Montmartre and being on the roof of the Terrass Hotel) this terrace is a cool one (sometimes you need a sweater or shall). Lunch on this terrace is lovely, but if you have the chance to go for dinner there, with the long summer days, you will have the pleasure of seeing Paris both in daylight and all lit up for the night (even the Eiffel tower sparkles for you on the hour!)

Fresh summer salad of stone crab with cold soup of piquillos (sweet red peppers from south west France)


Foie Gras with pineapple and passion fruit.


Sweet pea and goats cheese ravioli with almonds.(good spring time sweetness of sweet pea and almonds and freshness from the whipped goats cheese)


Tartar of tuna with vegetable maki with ginger. (very fresh creative and digestable)


Jumbo prawn with sautéed soy sprouts and saté sauce (fabulous freshness with an asian touch)


The chef of the Diapason is a desert fanatic! Highly creative and avant guard, simple and yet complex flavors with satisfy any sweet tooth! Like this  Chocolate and ginger square.


Until now this was the greatest kept secret terrace in Paris.

Prices are very reasonable for the quality. Wine list is limited but sometimes reserves some great surprises (the Hotel Terrass has an incredible cellar of old Bordeaux which they add progressively to the list).

And a great place to get a panoramic view of paris.

photos and comments based on dinner on saturday june 21, 2008

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