Best Bouillabaisse in Paris @ Charlot : Le Roi des Coquillages

Best Bouillabaisse in Paris @ Charlot : Le Roi des Coquillages


Usually it is served in 2 different times :

First the soup (liquid part) with the Rouille (which means ‘rust’ in French is made from garlic mayonnaise-like sauce) and cheese on toasts that you put right into the soup. This is a very thick red rich soup that is made with all of the carcasses of the fish.

Second service is of the fish themselves all sorts of Mediterranean ‘Poisson de Roche’, the fish that live in the rocks on the coastline of the Mediterranean.


For practical reasons (to be in sync with our friends), we had asked for 1 single service.

What did we drink with it ? A Cotes de Provence Rouge Pourcieux 2004. A red with fish ?? YES ! The Bouillabaisse is so bitter and spicy with the rocky coastal fish, ground up carcasses, and garlic that it needs the bitterness of tannins and spice of this southern red.


This place also has a wide selection of raw sea foods (oysters, mollusks, whelk etc) and other cooked fish dishes. Our friend had these grilled gambas with Espelette pepper with Thai rice. Our red wine went with this dish too because of the pepper-based spice and grilled aspects (grilling gives bitterness).


2 Comments Add yours

  1. julia says:

    that’s really interesting about the fish+red wine pairing! why do you think there is a general notion that fish MUST be with white?

    thanks for the restaurant tip! i’ll definitely try it the next time i’m in paris. ahhh, paris!

  2. Flo says:

    Great photos! They’re making me hungry…

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