Michel Magnien Morey St Denis Les Mont Luisants 2001 (demi)

Morey St Denis Les Mont Luisants is a 1er Cru and a Village level wine. This wine is a village level because it is upper altitude (the highest part of this already high altitude terroir). High altitude was not an advantage in 2001except for the super chalky soil which gives good drainage (2001 was a humid, unripe vintage).

For a 7 year old red burgundy in a half bottle from a lesser rated vintage, the color is still youthful red. It is not dense to rim and although it has lost its purple, it is not brick.

Arch-typical Pinot Noir aromas jump out of this glass with a slight gaminess and white pepper. The fruits are pink and red.

The mouth is 14 seconds long and driven by pepper and spice. The fruits in the mouth are less ripe; more of a mixture of pink and red fruits, than black. Very pleasant energy and acidity in the wine especially in the end of mouth that is driven by pink and high acid fruit. (acidity is one of the things that drives length).

What would I have with this wine? Pork products (because of the acidity) and any kind of fowl (chicken, pheasants and guinea-hen)

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