Domaine Sauvète “Méli-Mélo” Rosé de Touraine 2007

From a very obscure grape variety called Pinot d’Aunis, this Rosé is very pale in color. It is extremely mineral like the terroir it comes from, giving it pepper, and chalk dust. Low alcohol and its chalk dust make it digestable and quafable. 

What do I mean by digestable? It is not heavy. You can happily drink more than a glass and still feel refreshed. (As opposed to some wines where half-way through the first glass, you wonder if you can finish it…)

Méli-Melo is a french term for a ‘hodge podge mix’; this is often used to describe a fruit salad like a méli-mélo of melon (with several different kinds of melon). 

What do I have it with? For starters, I have it with an appetizer of melon and San Daniele or Parma ham. It also goes very well with shrimp and it has enough acidity to go well with pork.

(Pork products need wines that are fruity and have good acitity in order to balance the fat that makes pork delicious.)


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