Salt Pepper Lime

Salt, pepper and lime is a sauce that they make in Vietnam to go with all sorts of fish dishes. It is so easy to do and makes any fish taste electric.

Squeeze a quarter of a lime on top of ground salt and pepper (black pepper is necessary, but I like to use a combination of black and white pepper for more complexity). Then serve in tiny bowls next to your fish dishes.

This sauce goes especially well with crustaceans like shrimp, lobster but also I love it with calamari. 

This sauce works because it has so much energy and freshness. The pepper and the lime create electricity (energy) and exoticism.

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  1. Sarah Colton says:

    This sounds so delicious I can’t wait to try it. And so simple. The only ingredient I’m missing is a lime which I’ll pick up this afternoon. Like the idea of adding electricity to a fish dish. I”ll let you know after I try it.

  2. Catherine says:

    What a cool blog! Can’t wait to try the recepies…

  3. Silke says:

    Great name for a blog, and great recipe! Look forward to reading more…

  4. julia says:

    thanks for the tip saltpepperlime! i tried this sauce last night – it was fantiastic! so tangy and fresh.

    we were drinking beer, but would it be possible to serve this acidity with wine?

  5. saltpepperlime says:

    I’m glad you liked the recipe! When I first had the sauce in Vietnam, I also had it with beer because it was so hot!
    At home when I make the sauce to go with Calemari, I serve a red wine (usually Bordeaux, or something with a little bit of tannic structure but not too much spice) and I make sure that it is slightly chilled (yes, I chill my Bordeaux-10 minutes in the fridge does the trick).
    Cooling down a wine brings out the acidity which will help it go with the lime. You need tannins to go with the structure and bitterness of black pepper).

  6. Flo says:

    Great idea saltpepperlime!
    ‘electric fish’: I just love it!
    Can’t wait to learn more….espech from the spoon of the moment!

  7. Laird says:

    Excellent site! Foodies, prepare your palates!…

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